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Finding the joy of reading SPANISH

Plan International's project "Promoting the reading culture in children of the  Department of Lempira" is helping to realise the right to education quality for children in Lempira. Through the creation of community libraries, it is helping improve literacy and allowing children to become familiar with books.

Gumersinda (Chinda as her friends call her) is 12 years old and was in sixth grade at the time of project implementation. She is the fourth child of a household with 7 children. Besides studying, she helps her mother with daily chores and during the holidays she works with his father and brothers in a small plot of land where they plant coffee and basic grains.

Gumersinda is the girl who has read the greater amount of books in the project.

Lasting changes

Before the library project was implemented, Gumersinda had never seen a library and had not read a book, other than a school textbook. However, as the project was implemented, she started to make regular visits to the library, reading a lot and writing in her diary her impressions about the books she read.

Now, she visits the library every day,  has read more books that anyone else across the six communities that now have school libraries, reporting 48 books read in 2014. She knows how to use puppets, she’s a storyteller and  theatre actress and has been awarded 'best actress' in her community.

The best thing that has happened to me is to have found the joy of reading.

Her friends see a change in her in the way she speaks and express herself, her results have risen from 84% to 91% and she has changed from being a shy, quiet girl who was often lonely, to become a popular girl in school and in the community.