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Safe Spaces for childhood and adolescence

As a result of an open cabildo made in the Union, Copán we developed the creation of the “Office of the childhood and adolescence”, with the municipal budget and the support of Plan International Honduras to provide full time comprehensive care.

Important aspect

Another important aspect to be deployed is the consolidation of knowledge on the role played by the Commission for the Protection of Children in the municipality; in addition of the Municipal Corporation, the event was attended by 52 women and 44 men members of organizations of civil society, in whom is the challenge of making sustainable this space that directly benefits the childhood and adolescence, play the community ombudsman to accompany the work of the house of the children and the connection with the communities of the municipality.


Seraphim Tabora, Municipal Mayor: "The education, protection and the health of the children is No. 1 priority in our municipality, we thank Plan International for joining us in this work".