Emergencia en Malí: Testimonio de Hamidou un niño de 9 años

Hamidou, un niño de Mopti de nueve años que forma parte de los programas de PLAN en Malí narra su vida diaria en la ciudad, con disparos y cadáveres por las calles.

Mopti, January 24, 2013.- The events of recent days in Mali make it Necessary humanitarian aid . Hamidou, 9 years: . We live terrorized by the gunfire and the sight of corpses . Today I caught my brother crying Usually my brother cries When I Thinks he’s alone in His room.

Mamadou is 6 years old and does not like anyone to see you mourn for him not to call coward. But today you can not help it. It takes time crying over what I’ve seen. A few days ago We went shopping with my father.

On the way home we passed the military barracks and our father shouted to us! ‘. I do not look if I did not but Mamadou Immediately and watched what was happening in the barracks.

Since Then I have not stopped to mourn. He Said I saw people lying on sleep next to the wall and there was blood everywhere. My father Told us I HAD Been shot. My brother would not stop shaking and That makes me very sad. I ‘m Worried About him. I tried to Encourage him but not working.

When I’m home, I hear gunshots every day. Every time I hear a shot I run to see if little brother is fine. I try to distract him With jokes and games. It is not easy to live like that.

I want to go and have my neighbors. All my school friends Have Gone With Their families. The teachers Have Also gone. The school was empty last week as the manager closed.

I envy Those Who Are Gone. At Least They Do not Have to endure this.

PLAN response to the crises in Mali

Given the wave of Refugees and internally displaced PLAN present in the country since 1976, it has Launched an emergency plan for the next six months it has Allocated 2.6 million euros, 210,000 of Spanish origin.


The funds will be used for the distribution of food and drinking water implementation of emergency schools and creating safe spaces to protect the child population, Especially in the region of Segou in the last week has received more than 31,000 displaced.


The office of PLAN in Spain has Launched a campaign to collect funds for Mali destination . Decades DEVELOPS PLAN programs in Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger in Addition to meeting the basic needs of shelter, food, potable water access to women and children, offer them psychological support, training and development of Their capabilities.